Commercial Kitchen Workshop:

Join Farms of Amador on Saturday, December 7th from 5:30 to 8 pm for a potluck gathering at the Amador City Community Hall to learn about developing and operating a small scale commercial kitchen. Professional caterers Lucy Spangler Gore and Bill Gore will share their experience in building and operating a small scale commercial kitchen in Amador Co. Farmsof Amador is excited to present this topic, the development of which will allow farmers to process their products in order to add value and increase customer appeal. This will also be an opportunity to network with the region’s food producers, chefs and consumers interested in quality regional foods. Cost of the event is $10 for those who bring a pot-luck dish to share and $15 for those who come without a dish. Please bring your own place setting in an effort to reduce waste.

Who: all those interested in improving the value of food produced in our region What: A potluck gathering and presentation on developing and operating a small scale commercial kitchen

Where: Amador City Community Hall, 14531 East School St., Amador City, CA

When: Saturday, December 7, from 5:30 to 8:00 pm

Why: Because Farms of Amador is committed to bringing information regarding improving our regional food system to our members and the public. Creating value added products in a commercial kitchen or selling products to those already operating commercial kitchens are excellent ways to improve the economic value of our incredible local foods.

Cost: $10 with a potluck dish, $15 without a dish – PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN PLACE SETTING

Farms of Amador is seeking new members:

Farms of Amador has a crucial role in improving agriculture awareness and production not only in Amador County, but also the Sierra Foothills Region. Farms of Amador is not just for farmers or ranchers but is open to anyone. You don’t have to be an agricultural producer to support and guide this community based organization:

• If the safety, quality, taste and nutritional benefits of what you eat are important to you – SUPPORT FOA

• If you want to see expanded opportunities for access to locally-produced food – SUPPORT FOA

• If you have a desire to inspire our community to think and act towards bio-regional interdependence and local food security – SUPPORT FOA

Join us to increase access to locally grown, nutritious and tasty fruits, vegetables, meats and beverages. Our lives are all connected; let’s live like that is true.

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Our Spring 2013 Cottage Food Workshop was fun and informative

To learn more about the information covered, please view Shermain Hardesty’s presentation.


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